Do you know what your hobby is or what basic benefits you get from your hobby? The activity we love to perform and choose over anything else in our free time is our hobby. We sometimes sleep in our free time, but that does not count as our hobby for obvious reasons. Something that we do in our leisure time, which is productive in a certain way, is a hobby. The magic of a hobby is that it makes our mind and heart happy and makes us feel good.

 Many of us know what our hobbies are and what we want to do at a different time of our day, but some of may not know what their hobbies are. Though, there must be something that they like to do, something that cheers them up. Knowingly or unknowingly we take our time for our hobbies. We may have one hobby or more, we may take out time daily or occasionally, but we definitely do that.   

The hobbies cannot be categorized because there are a huge amount of hobbies or interesting activities that are yet to be discovered by us. Some of you may like art, and craft, reading, dancing, singing, cycling, etc. but, there are some with totally different interests like I came to know about a man, through television, that he likes to collect locks; yes locks and keys. He collects locks from all over the world, of different shapes and sizes. And all the locks have a complex mechanism to open it, either with a key or with some sort of puzzle.

Psychologically speaking, doing activities that we like have a positive effect on our minds. We tend to be more happy and calm while doing that activity and also for the rest of the day. Whenever you feel anxious, nervous or you are in a really bad mood, try doing something you love, if you love reading, then read; if you love biking, then go on a bike ride; if you love spending time with your plants and taking care of them, then do that, and you will surely feel much better. This will release your stress and calm you down as you will be too busy to think about anything else other than the activity you like. Spending time on your hobby in a regular basis will make you positive and calm.

Other than the psychological effect, your hobby can benefit you in several other ways. What is better than performing an activity that you love for a living? If you love to cook and people like the food you cook, then what is the harm in taking cooking as your career. There is nothing awesome than earning your living by doing something you enjoy and gives you happiness.

If you like to collect something and you have an enormous collection, then you can definitely hold some kind of record in your name, take the example of the man mentioned above, he holds a Guinness World Record of the largest collection of lock and key. Another weird collection that I found on the internet is largest collection of hamburger related items, so never hide your interest, no matter how weird it is. Also, there is no harm in showing off your collection in some sort of museum of yours.

If you know what activity you do in your leisure time, is then it is great and if not then you must find out and observe yourself. You may not notice that focusing on your hobby would benefit you in ways that you may have never thought, though the change may be very little it will be worth it. One must definitely engage oneself in a hobby and see the positive effects of it. No matter what people say about your hobby or mock you for doing what you like, never stop. Nothing is better than improving yourself to make a way for better health, career, and most importantly your happiness. We all do at least one thing that boosts us and gives us pleasure.

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