The Internet Sensation Pooja Sharma

We all social media mongers have seen a video of a beautifully dressed lady dancing on a local train. She is the internet sensation Pooja Sharma, a trans woman. She is a social media star and is recognized as Rekha because she dresses like the Bollywood star. The way she dresses and wears jewelry, she looks like her. She is also called ‘The Rekha of Local Trains.’ But the things that made her viral are the dance videos that she posts on her social media.

Pooja Ji daily travels on the same Mumbai local train. People recognize her and embrace her presence there. She has gained a lot of followers and fans that come specially to get a glimpse of her. She is no less than a star there. She greets everyone with kindness and love. Maybe that is the reason she receives so much love and respect. Not only the locals of Mumbai but people across India love her. On her Instagram, she shares the videos and images of people who chiefly come to meet her and asks her to bless them. In one of her interviews, she said that when she asks for rupee 1, people in the train give her that with lots of love and affection.

Pooja Ji is an example to not only the trans community but to all. She sets an example of how we should love ourselves and be confident of who we are. People like that how gracefully Pooja Ji carries herself and how beautifully she performs. What I gathered from her social media is that she believes in good deeds, spreading joy and, blessing everyone with all her heart

If you haven’t watched her videos, take some time and watch them, you will feel the same way as her followers and, you will love her. She is an inspiration and will teach you little things that will not be described in words but will be felt.

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