The incredible software baron-Bill Gates

Entrepreneur, visionary, investor, philanthropist – Bill Gates is one of the most inspiring leaders in the world. 

Success makes people arrogant and selfish, but that is not the case with Bill Gates. He is known for his generosity. He donates a large chunk of his wealth in helping the poor and making this world a better place.
From being a college dropout to the co-founder of Microsoft and a software baron, Bill Gates has consistently been ranked as one of the top five richest men in the world.
Despite Gates moving away from the day-to-day running of Microsoft, its shares continue to soar and his investment vehicle, Cascade, keeps on ranking in the profits.
In 1975, Gates and Allen launched Microsoft, which started with writing BASIC software programs for the Altair computer. Soon, differences cropped up between Gates and the MITS management over the practice of the free use of software that Microsoft created.
One of the largest technology companies of that time was IBM. In 1980, IBM asked Microsoft to write software to run the IBM PC, its new personal computer.
Gates’s business move proved to be the turning point for Microsoft and the company quickly grew from 25 employees in 1978 to over 128 in 1981.
In mid-1981, Microsoft was incorporated, after which Gates was appointed president and chairman of the board, while Allen was named executive vice-president. 
Microsoft achieved its next milestone with the launch of Windows in 1985. The new operating system. Microsoft witnessed phenomenal growth ongoing public in March 1986, with an initial public offering(IPO) of $21 per share. 
In 1999, Microsft zoomed still upwards to an all-time high, pushing Gates’s net worth to a staggering $101 billion.
Gates was not done yet. He ensured that Microsoft continued to offer new innovations to computer users across the world. The writing software Word, spreadsheet software excel and digital slideshow software Powerpoint emerged among its most popular products. And, with the explosion of the internet on the global tech scene, Microsoft came up with its own web browsers, like Internet Explorer and Edge. 
Recently, he launched the Breakthrough Energy investment fund, with a corpus of $1 billion, with 20 other people.
INCREDIBLE, as it may sound, Gates currently owns just over 1 percent of the shares in Microsoft. The rest of his wealth comes from investments managed by Cascade investment LLC, a Kirkland based asset management firm. In October 2015, Gates also bought a stake in Impossible Foods, a start-up aimed at producing plant-based foods with the natural taste of meat but using fewer natural resources.

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