The Diary

It was a boring day for Sona, Ankush and Aditi. Summer Holidays had started all of them had been enjoying since one week but today it had been raining since morning and no one was allowed to go out. Their mothers and grandma were chatting on the ground floor and grandpa was immersed in his novel. Sona Aditi and Ankush did not know what to do so they decided to explore their attic quietly each one of them went into the attic and began looking.

They found old clothes, grandpa’s photos and many other things but none of them was interesting. They felt tired and were going to go down when Ankush discovered something worth exploring. It was grandpa’s diary. They were astonished to see that the diary was well maintained and readable even after 40 years. They opened the book and saw their grandpa’s photo when he was in his teens. As they turned to the next page a voice called out “Aditi!! Aditi !! ” “Sona ! Ankush! Where are you? dinner is ready come down ”. All of them went down disappointed as they could not read his diary. But they decided to read the diary the first thing tomorrow.

The next day they were all up very soon. Their mothers were surprised to see them up so fast. After completing their daily chores they had their breakfast and went up to the attic. Ankush being the first to reach the attic took the diary and began reading …


1 st  May 1956,

I had quite a magical experience today. John and I were bored and decide to take a stroll in the park. Little did we know that a child was murdered and the park was surrounded by the police. We were gossiping when we noticed the lights were going on and off in the abandoned house by the seaside. We were frightened but curious. Curiosity took over and we walked to that house. We saw no one there. Taking advantage of the opportunity we began looking through the house. John was playing detective and began pulling loose wires and tapping bricks. Suddenly one of them gave away and a shadow appeared…..


Ankush, Aditi and Sona were holding their breath, he turned to the next page but it was blank. They felt that they need to know what the mystery was and decided to visit the abandoned house.

As soon as they entered the house rain began falling in torrents. Each of them occupied themselves with some objects in the old house. Sona was fiddling with the cupboard when a lightning struck … Sona began screaming. Ankush and Aditi came to her aid. She explained that when she looked out of the window she saw a shadow of a human being with a misshapen head and body. They all became silent as they were terrified. No one dared to make a sound. They all cuddled up in one corner of the house and hoped that someone would come looking for them. Slowly the rain began to cease and the sky cleared. Aditi gathered up her courage she got up and moved slowly, she looked out of the door carefully … What she amused her and she began laughing. Ankush and Sona were puzzled. They too reluctantly got up and saw what had made Aditi laugh. It was a scarecrow. They all had been frightened by a scarecrow.

They laughed at how stupid they were. They began walking towards their home. What happened next surprised them further. Their grandfather was standing in the balcony with one of his mischievous smile tugging his lips he said , “So, you already found my diary… ”They looked at each other and faintly whispered, “Yes ..”

“I was hoping to leave it in the living room tomorrow for you…”

“Leave it in the living room for us  … why grandpa?? And What did you see in the house grandpa ??”

“Nothing dear… I never went to that house … I thought you all would be bored…I wanted this vacation to be a memorable one for you. So I cooked up a story and wrote in the diary. I decided to leave it in a place where you would find it…”

Indeed grandpa had made this a memorable summer vacation…


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