The Abandoned House

One day Mr Charles and his family shifted to a new house to a small city of England. The house they booked was abandoned from so many years,and it was so huge,. It had 11 bedrooms, 2 drawing rooms, 13 bathrooms and 2 kitchens. The people of the city continuesly said them not to go to that house as there is a ghost over there. There was a person named David Kuruzava, he invited them to his house for a small party, In the evening when they got up together he told them a story about THE ORTIZ FAMILY he said , Long time ago a family lived in that house when they were going to shift in New Zealand somebody killed them so people say they come there every night to see if there is someone in the house. Mr Charles and his family got angry and got to there house, the another day when the family was watching a movie somebody in white cloth appeared in front of them they didn’t got afraid and they pulled that white cloth ” it was MR David” they shocked they asked “Why are you here acting like a ghost” He said ‘I am here because I want to buy this house ” Mr Charles said ” but you are afraid of the ghost that live here” he said ” yes ,I know I said that but there was no ORTIZ FAMILY. It was a lie I said to you and the city because I wanted to buy this house and I didn’t had that much money I am saving money for this from years,” The next day 

He said sorry to everyone in the city and went away.

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