Silent Night

Oh! dear beloved,

Far from me..
Not in distance,
But in memory…
Here is my Story, I want you to hear..
To me, they said,
Don’t be a misery..
Don’t wait for him,
As night falls,
There comes a day..
Filled in bright,
Moments of joy…
Walked away with hope,
Fate took over,
Deep it is,
Even if I try to cover..
I am not ashamed,
I am not afraid..
I was depressed,
Up to the core..
I fought,
I cried,
I spent some restless nights,
I was working all day and night..
Here I am,
Stronger than ever,
Pretty and Sweet
Mighty and Loud..
I would have suffocated,
Crushed to the ground.
But, there they were,
Listening to my pain,
Soaked away my tears,
Taught me to rise again…
It was possible, as,
I spoke my mind..
Some kind ears,
Heard my voice..
If not, I might have died,
Would have been a Silent night !!

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