Relevance of Gandhianism in today’s world W/F2oct

2nd October 2020 is a great day for India, as the country celebrates the 151st birth anniversary of the father of nation Mohan Das Karamchand Gandhi. Not only that, but the world celebrates the auspicious day as an international day for non-violence to pay respect and acceptance to the true spirit of non- violence promoted by Gandhiji throughout his life.

Gandhianism starts with the famous line – ‘ Simple living and high thinking’.

This itself is also suggestive of the fact that thoughts of an individual have a great role in shaping his/ her life. That’s why gandhianism appears to be simple to everyone but in real sense practicing it in day to day life is difficult. For instance, remaining truthful, tolerant, non-violent, and respecting others in difficult circumstances of life require a great degree of commitment.  The core values of Gandhian philosophy has been given special importance by Gandhiji as he himself has tried to remain truthful throughout his life. 

Another key component of Gandhianism is the non-violence of Gandhiji which was the great weapon used by him during the freedom movement of India against the British Raj.  

 Gandhiji used to respect all religions. The secular ideologies of Gandhiji are not only there in the Indian constitution but also there in Indian society as a core value system. That is why so many people of diverse religions coexist in India.

Gandhi was against the caste system which is still a taboo in India and that was why he was in favor of the Vedic system of Varna where people were assigned to certain varnas on the basis of their work, not birth as followed in the rigid and oppressive caste system.

  Socialism is another basic philosophical entity of Gandhianism. 

Gandhiji was giving great emphasis upon cleanliness or Swacchta. He used to say- ‘ Swacchta Hin Seva’. The recent Swacchta Bharat Abhiyaan, the biggest cleanliness drive of India, is to fulfill the dream of Bapu by making India clean. 

 Gandhiji and Gandhianism are always more than what we know. Gandhiji’s political contributions offered us Independence but his ideologies enlighten India as well as the world even today after so many years. Perhaps this was known to Nobel prize winner Rabindranath Tagore in those days and he had rightly called Gandhiji as Mahatma. Every individual, thus, should follow the key Gandhian ideologies in their day to day life for a happy, prosperous, healthy, harmonious, and sustainable future.

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