Relationships during Lockdown

Have you ever seen a small bud bloom into a beautiful Flower? Ever wondered about the process? It only takes a little bit of nourishment and lots of patience, time and love. Same goes with any relationship.
The key to a strong relationship is love, communication, patience, time and support. However, it is not all roses and unicorns when you are actually living with someone 24*7. There are a lot of  differences about opinion, habits and even personal space. As a matter of fact, it is even found in a survey by Los Angeles Law firm that most of the divorce filings jumps by nearly one-third following the holidays. Some even call the first Monday after winter break “Divorce day”. So you see, Christmas time isn’t exactly the happiest time of the year for some couples.

Just like that, India was in a lockdown for almost a month due to the corona outbreak. The cases of divorce, child custody, domestic violence has increased rapidly post lockdown. Even the small issues like “Switching off the air conditioner”, “Who gets to bathe first” etc. became the reason for divorces in some households. 
We all are so used to getting out that we could not contain the frustration inside us. But most certainly, it doesn’t mean that everyone went through the same. 

When I asked some of my friends about their personal experiences during lockdown I got to know many beautiful stories. One of them said, He and his girlfriend got stuck in two different cities, apart from each other during lockdown that they could not bear it anymore. So they convinced their parents and got married the first thing as the lockdown lifted partially.

Another one told me that he is now closer to his childhood friend whom he hadn’t spoken to in ages, just because of the lockdown.

One even told me that she is getting to know her mother-in-law better.

Isn’t every relationship beautiful? Yes, there are differences. But with little time, communication, compassion and support there are no challenges that can’t be overcome.

Instead of communicating with the third person about your relationship, talk to the person you have troubles with. Communicate.

If your partner is trying to do something new, or trying something, support them. Tell them you are there for them.

Don’t let small things be the reason of the end of something beautiful. There is nothing that couldn’t be solved with patience and care. If required, seek an expert’s help, but don’t let go.
There will be hard times, there will be times you would want to give up but hold on to that feeling, feeling of love and fulfillment. Because, Love is the Key

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