“Who are these people mom?”
she asked me.
and all it took was one glance,
to reminisce all those memories,
and for my face to light up with glee.

I took the photograph from her,
and sat down,
mixed emotions washed over me,
as I recalled those days,
when we kept running in and around our hometown.

I was both happy,
and sad at the same time,
as nostalgia hit me like a sea wave,
and once again I could hear,
my grandmother’s favourite wind chime.

I still remember those people,
being there for me,
when I stubbed my toe on the table,
or when I fell down,
and scraped my knee.

I can still see myself,
running around in the corridor,
after our examinations were done with,
and how we didn’t care about,
anything else, anymore.

I looked outside and smiled,
at the site of wind blowing through the trees,
she asked again,
“Honey, these are the people who gave me the best memories.”


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