New Normal travel

So this is the new normal for travel,  traveling with  infant & a toddler is the biggest challenge.

 I had to travel to my in-law’s place for some emergency. But does not mean I should compromise with the safety protocol.


So here are some tips if you are traveling with babies.


# make sure that your toddler wears a mask, I know it’s very difficult to make them wear but nothing is impossible.


# Will advice you to take an early morning flight. As babies are fresh and do not behave cranky.


# try to carry only one hand bag, as it is easier to handle babies


# Avoid stranger touching your child. Remember social distancing is more important.


# try to be more digital, avoid hard copies of your tickets, boarding pass and id’s.


# during taking- off and landing engage your child in some eating, as it avoids blocking of ears.


# last but not least travel only when it is more important as safety comes first.




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