New aged “Yamraj” & their spaceship

Cargo, a new aged ” Yamraj” where the soul of a deceased is sent onto a spaceship far away in order to have their memories wiped and their souls cleansed for reincarnation.
The job of crew is to calm & heal the body for a deceased and sent to transition.
Prahastha roled played by Vikrant Massey had given it’s best performance.
Yuvishka roled played by Shweta Tripathi had also done a very good job, especially healing body by her “healing powers.
The filmmaker Arati Kadav shows creativity and a gift for world-building in this unlikely sci-fi fable, which playfully reimagines reincarnation.
The over all movie is good, the story line can be more lifted. But in between the movie became slow, in which audiences may lost their interest in watching it.
It a kind of one time watch movie.
But worth watching it.

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