Must read for some serious spooky fun.

So here it is, The Indian horror anthology . It has 13 different short horror stories from 13 different writers. 

The writers has put all their efforts to give stories a life. As I was reading, some stories really hit me, as if it is really happening, as I can imagine the stories. 

The stories like Welcome by Sarveshwari Sai Krishna, The Haveli by Anushu B, The Adventure of a Virgin by Tina Sequira, The Memory of a face by Kanika G and The case of the Seance By EII P, these stories have given me goosebumps. I can actually feel the stories  as if it is happening for real. I can easily imagine all the characters. 

The best part is none of the stories is too long or boring, every stories have different way of expressing Fear and Horror.

To make more interesting in between all the stories there is a good Panel discussion which is a kind of introducing a every writer with their stories. 

Indian literature does not have shown so much of interest in horror stories before. Infact India is a country where people actually belief in legends, Horror stories and all.

But this innovative idea but these writers has given a different out look to the readers where they find more interesting stories. 

We were more into the western horror stories, but this had really changed my mind to take more interest in Indian horror stories. 

Such anthology is appreciated, looking for more interesting anthology on same or different genres. 

Great work.


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