The year is 2035

There is a virus outbreak in India due to dogs and which can only be spread by dogs .It has a funny name too: Wondering what it is…well it is “Praanahaan”.I asked my mom what’s the meaning of it .She said it means “danger to life” . Let’s get straight to the point ,  many people are getting infected and are dying because of it .The government  instructed us  many measures to be taken by us.

They said that all the dog owners should leave their dogs on their house lawns so that they will not be infected by the virus . Also we should write a list of the items required for the week and keep it anywhere near the gate .Every Monday army persons or policemen will come and collect the list and deliver the goods .

You could ask why soldiers or policemen you can just avoid the dogs on the street and go to the market and buy the goods . But once a dog is infected with the virus it turns crazy and wild and tries to bite everyone . Sorry, I didn’t introduce myself till now. I am Swadeep . I know the name’s not nice , what to do. Today is special  because  I  and my parents are sitting and watching T.V. The thing that makes it special is that I am watching news which generally I do not.  But today I am watching it because our Prime Minister said that there will be  an important announcement in the news regarding virus . If it’s a very important announcement also , generally I  ask my parents about it . But this is different . I have a pet dog and it’s name is “Cherry” .He’s 6 years old . He’s my best friend in the world . Everyday I used to play with him after school .Me, myself used to take him on walks and feed him everyday .But now I can just see him through my window ,but cannot feel his hair running between my fingers . He has such a nice , silky hair . His breed is German Spitz . Ok it started , I should concentrate .


Prime minister on T.V : “Good morning everyone . This is a very critical situation  for us  which so many countries are  facing . As we already know, our scientists and doctors are struggling to find a solution for this virus which has been chasing us for 2 months .  Many people already  died due to this virus . But, we accidentally found a temporary  solution for this virus according to me.” 

This is all over ! I can again play with my dog and live happily like always ! Wow !

“Our researchers in Antartica somehow accidentally found an island . A little bit farther north than Antartica . I got a plan for this , listen carefully .I’ll arrange a squad/team to catch all the dogs in  India  . And at the same time around 1000 people will be appointed to build a huge ship which has the capacity and space to carry all the dogs to this island . Everyday you will be informed what is happening over there . An app will also be created called Praanahaan app where you can post a question if you have any query regarding this . We will answer it in 24 hours . Thank you. “

I can’t believe this ! How stupid !


Days are passing fast . It is now 30th day after the announcement . I asked my mom immediately after the announcement “It is very hard to build a ship for all the dogs, right ? “No sweety ,  many machines are invented over the last 20 years  so that we can build faster and easier. Your teacher didn’t teach about this ? “ she said amused .

The ship is completely built 31 days after the announcement . All the dogs are caught within 33 days after the announcement . Our dog was taken by them on the 6th day after the announcement by a hairy guy . This all happened so fast . They were set to sail on the 36th  day after the announcement . There are regular reports about what’s happening at the sea. I crossed my fingers that they would not find the land . I had doubts whether they would find a new land which no one till now found and rule it. But I know one thing for sure , India built the biggest ship ever made . All I am worrying right now is about Cherry , whether it can survive  on the snow . I am somewhat confident it can because I read an old book called “The call of wild”. It’s also about a dog who is unwilling took into the north . If that dog can survive , my dog can survive too . I have faith in Cherry .




“We brought these dogs here by sealing them inside the stern . Our job here is done .” said the man a little far away from the dogs with a badge near his chest with a name on it , “Gregory” . “But we can’t leave these dogs like this . There is water all around” said the man opposite to Gregory .Also with a badge with “Jeff” written on it . “ I hope these dogs are not so foolish to jump into the water” answered Gregory with a grin on his face . “ Euww ! that’s a bit evil” told Jeff and both of them laughed and went off . Cherry and the other dogs have so many thoughts running in their mind . Cherry thought “Where am I ? It is very cold over here . Where is my master ? Did he sell me ? No !  my master wouldn’t do such a thing . I have faith in my master . He will come for me one day . I know that for sure ! And he beared the cold and waited for his master. So many dogs on the island are dying due to the disease . The disinfected ones are running away into the forest on the island . The dogs also named this island “The Land of Trikala” !

But I want my dog back . Wait , I have a question to ask on Praanahaan app .I posted my question , “ Will we get our dogs back when our doctors  or scientists find a vaccine for the virus ??”. In excitement I posted my question with two question marks .

It’s been three  hours since I posted my question . Tinggg!! There comes the notification sound . I guess there are not many posting questions these days . It’s been a long time since the announcement . I open the app and see .What !!! The internet connection is gone ? I call my mom “ Mom , why is there no internet connection ? I need it” . power’s gone . Use 6G” . “ Ok mom , thanks” . I clicked on 6G and saw the answer, it  was :



Yes !!!!!!


Vaccine was found three months after the announcement . In these three months other countries also sent their dogs to the island . Since the vaccine was found , vaccines will be exported to the island on the ship that was already built to take the dogs to the island with some  doctors and crew on it said the P.M of the country . After reaching the island the dogs will be inserted with the vaccines and the brought to India and then dogs will be sent to other countries . They started the voyage to return the dogs . As usual we are getting regular reports of what is happening in the sea .

It is 26th day of the voyage . “There was a big storm at the sea last night” started the newsreader “ All the dogs were barking and the men were trying to control the ship . Everyone had the trepidation of dying which came true . The ship collapsed and all the dogs and men tumbled into the sea .The dogs cried and the men cried too , for help . Know one was around , know one to hear . They died , men and the dogs . EVERYONE !” He ended .

NO! This can’t happen . I can’t lose my Cherry . I was in tears . They could fill a big drum with my tears , that sad I  was . How could this happen ? My parents tried a lot to bring me back to my senses . I  am not going to say that I didn’t come back to my senses , I came but it took a lot of time .

This incident gives rise to …….

Robots :

Man’s best friends are gone (Most of them) . So , man needs a new best friend ! So , he created some metal boxes arranged to look like humans, using his superhuman brain he even made them talk ! He called them robots . They are like our pets only ,they do what we say . We can even name them like Sofia or Harry or anything . Now I am going to complete the sentence I left incomplete .

This incident gives rise to ROBOTS !


…..THE END…..



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