Love yourself !!

Recently i came across a article about an indian actress who is now full time mother of 2 kids about how she condemn the body shaming trend and how she gives her own experience and one should love oneself.. 

I am a nutritionist by profession but i never ever promote being too skinny or be size zero. Yes! i would say or encourage one to be healthy and follow a healthy life- style pattern but in this process one is not able to loose weight then there is no issue with it, as far as one is healthy and fit, weight should not bother.

In today’s world being skinny or size zero is latest trend specially in India. Girls starve themselves to become size zero which in turn affects their health. Young girls are rejected by families if she is fat,dark and short heighted   in a marriage proposal, same happens with a guy. Physical beauty is always considered as main virtue.  In my profession too i keep hearing or meeting people who want to loose weight and look good, thought they are of healthy weight or they wanna loose weight as soon as they can. Its really suprising that people do not love or accept themselves as they are, they always want to be someone else, and this make them more unhappy and even before they realize they slip into depression. 

Always remember first ACCEPT the way you are and do not try to be what someone else want you to be, if a person is not ready to accept you as you are then its their problem and not yours. Start loving yourself and you will eventually see that you are happy and calm from inside and if this happens then start working towards health. Even you are overweight, have dull hair and skin just think, this is a phase and this too shall pass, i will overcome this for sure and i will start working towards it. So always love yourself !!

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