We all have definitely adopted the new normal in our lives and are adjusting to something new every day. The pandemic has altered our lives in every aspect, in such a manner that it now a common thing for us and maybe we won’t change our routines when things go back to the actual normal.

A major activity, or say necessity that is affected by the pandemic is education. We experienced a whole different way of educating ourselves. The scope of online education increased to a whole new level. It has many positive effects on our lives and many negative. Students as well as teachers were affected and saw this changing the way they were taught and how they taught.

Let’s consider some positive and some negative impacts. Firstly, many of us took our education for granted for some time, I am not saying all, but yes many did. Studying requires a proper friendly and serious environment, which of course when at home all the time is hard to get. Education institutions are built with that environment naturally; we are focused on learning and enjoying. Whereas, at home, we often distract ourselves from doing various other activities or sometimes doing absolutely nothing. Some may have utilized this time to their advantage and dedicated most of their time to studying.

Secondly, now we can study anything we want from any part of the world while sitting in our homes. Pandemic has forced as well as gave many institutions to star their online programs. It is possible that we can learn anything we want to, but the practice may sometimes be difficult, say that you want to learn swimming, you will get many tutorials online, but you need to practice in a pool while someone is watching you and is there to guide you throughout.

Thirdly, a physical class helps us to build personal as well as professional connections with our mates and our teachers. This helps to learn better and makes teachers give personal attention to every student and teaching them according to their behavior. Also, attending classes with our friends makes the class more memorable, and we tend to remember what was taught even more.

Fourthly, studying online may not be beneficial for many as it requires many resources. We need a good internet connection and a device that can be used to study. People living in remote areas don’t have a good internet connection that supports online education and people who don’t have enough money to buy a smartphone or computer; their education is solely dependent on the government schools and institutions. Sometimes even the urban areas suffer bad internet connection, which leads to disturbance, we are sometimes not able to hear what the teacher is saying and vice versa.

Lastly, it was seen that spending too much time on smartphones and computers harms the student’s health. Students have suffered an increase in eyesight, headache, sleep disorder, and anxiety.

Pandemic has changed the system of education positively as well as negatively. Therefore it is right to say that some people are happy with the change and some are not. It depends on various circumstances; our lifestyle, where we live, how we adapt to changes, and how we use it to our benefit.


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