“I’ll be there for you forever, I wish you are happy forever, bad times won’t last forever, be blessed forever.”

We all have heard and said these phrases to people we care for, be it your friends, family, relatives and sometimes acquaintance too. But how do you know it? How do you know that whatever you are hoping for will/will not last forever?
Does happiness lasts forever? Or sadness for that matter? I don’t think so.
Then why is everyone hustling for “forever”? What is this all about? Why such Chaos? Is it really worth it? Is it that important?
Why can’t a person be content in whatever s/he has in that particular moment? We all grew up listening to the fact that ‘life is an uncertainty’. Nothing is permanent in this world, not even your own heartbeat.
Then why do we ‘hope’ for a Forever? 
‘Hope’ that’s right, We hope for a better tomorrow, we hope that we will become a better person someday, we will be at a better place someday or there will be a better time to do something. And it will all last forever. But, Do you have that ‘someday’? Do you really have that ‘tomorrow’? Do you have ‘time’? When you are not even sure about the next second of your life. Are you sure you will be breathing for that “someday”?
The only thing that you have is, right now. This very second. This moment.
What you can do is, ‘You can make the most of it now.’ What you can wish is that you have this moment filled with positivity, love, laugh and most importantly life.
Being Alive is not living. You need to make your journey worth while. Worth living. Worth Telling. 
Happiness and Sadness, Good times and Bad times are just a part of it. And you, my dear, You are just playing your part. Why not get a standing ovation before the curtain falls for ‘forever’.
And the only thing you should hope for is,“That This moment, this very moment, it lasts forever.”

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