Ever wondered why we meet certain people in our lives who aren’t meant to be with us forever? 

Some people might say they add up to our journey and make us a better person. Some would say that it is how life is supposed to be. Even I have believed this shit for a long time until I realized, there are no such things. 

People come in your life because of your impulsive, naïve, impractical decisions. And when that sweet bubble of affection breaks you see the real and harsh reality of those around you. For some, it leads to depression, destruction and self doubts whereas, some realize it was a mistake and make their career the priority. 
            Eventually both of these people will end up hating love or pretending to hate love. 

Coming back to the point of why we meet such people? Life is unexpected, we all agree to it. Everyone has a dedicated journey and you cannot decide who you want to meet but you can certainly decide who you want to keep. However, the people, when they are done with the part in our lives, and decide to leave, they take something from us, leaving a void which we fill with our insecurities. 

Every person has pros and cons but everyone deserves to be treated with Love and if a person fails to see it then it is not something that you should be ashamed, insecure or be heartbroken about. I know it is hard to feel and very easy to say it, but once you are out of that zone you will understand what I’m talking about.

And trust me, I have learned it the hard way too. Life is not supposed to be this way. Shut the damn person down who tells you otherwise. 
            Life is unfair, True. Life is uncertain also, True. Life is meant to be this way, False! 

You evolve, whether you meet the right person or not you will grow up to be a better version of yourself. There is obviously a difference between what you thought life would be when you were a teenager and now when you are actually living it. 

So you see, life will never be the way we thought it would be, you might not end up with the person you thought was your soulmate, you might end up getting married to someone you not even thought you would marry someday. 

            People will come and go leaving something or the other for you to remember them in your life, it must be your decision what you want to keep of them. Good or Bad. 

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