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Wanna know my name? uhhhh remember what shakespeare said, “WHAT’S IN A NAME”?

I am born an brought up in a middle class but a joint family. i am in class 11 and BLAHHH BLAHH BLAHH but most important you should know that i am a backbencher so can you judge me as a loser,failure etc etcc whatever u like. But let me tell you backbench is just not a bench it is KITCHER,BEDROOM AND A THEATRE..I know you would rather be interested in listening to a student life rather than my life.

So, you all have listen to that one famous composition on sudent life that,

one hand on pen,other on phone. one ear on lecture, other on gossip. one eye on board, other on crush. who say student’s life is easy??? we are damn busy…….

In every school there are 2 type of students one scholar and other are backbenchers. Once abdul kalam said that “the best brain of the nation may be found on the last benches of the classroom.

You know we have philosophy that backbenchers are failure. They get punishment in every case. If they have not brought books teacher says “get out and bring your book from next time”. And if they have brought books they they would have say” stop gigling/eating tiffing/stop cracking jokes and get out”.

yesss we dont’t have books in our hand all time but we have creative ideas in our mind.

you know the life of beakbenchers – you visit principle’s chamber more than classrooms. You’re always late and never run out of excuses.  You might enter the class late but you’re the first one to run out  of class when the lecture is over. No matter how irregular you are, you somehow manage to pull the minimum attandance. Sometimes you’re so irregular the class bench must be thinking YOU GOT SUSPENDED. Golden rules backbenchers-eat,sleep,bunk and repeat.

adhi school life toh class se toilet aur toilet se class jaana mai nikal jaati hai…. when ever a backbencher opens a book books like’ ohhhoo!!! bade log…..

our time table for exams are, skip hard chapters,bcz they are hard. skip easy topics,cuz they are easy. so we know how to complete our syllabus in just 5 mins.

The best memory of class is- the melodious tone of wishing”goooddddd mornniingggg teacher”.going to fill your water bottle and ending up taking your whole class water bottles.when you cheat with atmost dedication but still failed. when you are not allowed to go to washroom and you really need to.

The only thing which backbenchers can do and none other is making life time friends. But when two best friends are talking, one thing is always missing is which we called LOGIC

Last but not least Last bench friendship last longer than your relationship…

so cheers to thousand millions of memories, the jokes which only bachbenchers can crack,spending more time in corridor and making life time bestfriends which are known as family laterr……….


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