wanna know my name? But as Shakespeare said ” What’s in a name”? So basically i am a backbencher so you can think that i might be not a studious one, might have the most notorious but the bestest friend. But believe me last bench is just not a bench it’s a theater,bedroom and kitchen for us. You all might have heard the rhyme on students that-

One hand on phone,Other on pen,One eye on board,Other on crush,One ear on lecture,Other on gossip. Who says student life is easy??? We are damn busy!!!!!!!

Every teacher has problem with backbenchers that if we have not brought book then get out and bring your books from next time. And if we have brought books then they say stop giggling/laughing/stop eating tiffin and get out. They just want us to be out all the time and that’s the best thing a backbencher want. A backbencher spend more time on corridors rather than class. We  visit principle’s chamber/vice principle more frequently than their own peon. Our tiffin gets over before break and none of backbencher eats tiffin in break time coz they use that time in innovative things like (next period is xyz period she will check copy. so when she will be busy we will get out of the class and tell monitor to write our name on class list or decides the place to bunk where frequently teachers visit).

We are pro at some thing like- coming class late and run out first, never run out of excuse, washroom is the second class, never submit copy but still manage to mark our name on teacher’s notebook, celebrating every festival with our own ways and never miss a fight going on school.

We are always on teacher’s hit list. We are considered to be naughtiest as we sit at back. we will always be in a group. we entertain the class during teacher’s lecture. And always there to help each other at any way out. These are a few traits you can find in any backbencher. But the things we learn being at that place i can assure the first bench will never do it.

Last but not least it’s just a word in dictionary for everyone but for us it’as an emotion. An emotion of happiness,memories and most importantly friendship. What first benchers are called friends we called them family.A family without we can’t live. A family which supports up every time. A family who’s there every time for help. A family who fail  knowingly coz they know that we are going to fail. A family with which we love to make memories. A family who completes our school life.


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