*Are we a Superstitious Nation* ?

*Are we a Superstitious Nation* ? 

On a lazy weekend this Sunday Rains played spoilsport and deterrent to step out. But I hardly had any idea that it would be one my more  Days .. 


My 11 Year Old Son started asking his usual volley of questions and slowly the topic shifted to how we are progressing as a Nation when he stumped me with his Bouncer – “Papa – If we are a progressing nation then why are we so Superstitious ..”




This was definitely out of Blue for me so I continued the conversation asking him for why he thought like that .




Pat came the reply – “Remember Papa when we used to go to markets or our Morning Runs earlier ( Referring to Pre Covid Era ? ), we would see Hanging Lemon and Green Chilli on Shops and House Doors and you said that its some superstition to protect from Evil and for Shopkeepers to have lucky charm ..”




This one has been something that even I have no Idea. With nothing much to do anyways I decided to dig this deeper .. As it happened I found out how wrong I was ..




So Apparently Lemon Chilli has Vitamin C and Citric Acid which when hung by Cotton Thread gets absorbed and evaporated which eventually acts as a Antibacterial and anti Deodorant – Something like how a wick absorbs and dissipates in some car fresheners ….


So in effect it started as a novel exercise to keep air clean and smell free but over time the logic got forgotten and practice just continued .. 




Now of course with all sorts of room fresheners , Room Deodorants – Is it still something worthwhile .. Well I leave for the Audience to decide ..




But it did get me thinking – How over time (read centuries) our rich culture has got diluted and its significance diminished … Well its a topic for another time ..




For now my son was still having more arsenal up his sleeves  …. More about that in the next Blog..




Please share what you think about our culture and some other superstition you would like to know..


Mohit Tyagi

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