An epiphany

I see families happy; kids enjoying the site of them, almost everyone around is laughing and having a 

good day. I was enjoying my walk on the path as well but whenever I turned my face around to look at 

any animal, it just made my heart melt with pain and sorrow.

Cage or in small wilderness, it just didn’t right in my head.

I stop at a place which is not so crowded. It’s an elephant. My favorite animal of all. Whenever I see one, 

I am usually drawn to their innocent eyes. This one in particular was an African elephant with huge ears, but the same unimpeachable eye. I have come to the zoo with few friends and their family. One of my friend’s daughters who was 8yrs walked up to me and ask in a very ingénue manner “Aunty this elephant is so big and tied to a small chain, Can he break it?? Can he come towards us and harm?? “

I smiled back her and said “No Honey, he won’t do that.

She says “but he is so big, he can do that isn’t”

So I sat down with her and said let me tell you a story which I read in my childhood.

“There was a little boy once, who just went to the zoo like you once. He stood near the elephant, small habitat and had the same question like you. So he calls out to the trainer and asks him. 

The elephant is so huge and his rope tie is so fragile, why doesn’t he break and run away. To that, the trainer told him that when he was a little baby elephant this rope was big enough to hold him back. So since the childhood he got the training to be tied to this rope. And now when he is grown up and big he still believes that he cannot break it. “

My friend’s daughter couldn’t understand the story and said 

“OHH, ye I got it now” and run away towards the monkey cage.

I smiled back in my own thoughts. Wondering about her innocent question which resembled the same irreproachable eye of the elephant.

Raised the same question in my brains as the morale of the story. There are so many teachings in our lives which we read as stories in our childhood but we fail to understand rather tend to forget the morals of it while we grow up. 

How many times in our lives we tend to forget the power within us to fight any odds. Many of us take obstacles as we can never overcome them ever and under estimate ourselves. We many a times condition our brains in a way that even when we know the solution, we just tend to just look and focus on the problem. Why do we complicate matters so much for us?? It’s just because we as humans tend to fettle our convictions??

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