“A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, and the roots spring up and make new trees.” – Amelia Earhart


Diwali is all about celebrating the lights and decorating our houses with lights and colors, spending our time with our loved ones and doing anything to see a smile on their faces. We buy gifts for our family and friends as a gesture of love and affection. But this year we all maybe a little tense about celebrating Diwali in times of covid-19, being away from our family. But for some the fear is about earning a minimal amount of money so that they could at least light a diya at their houses and have enough food to call it a Diwali celebration. These are the small artisans who work really hard for a year over a single festival, they are like the seasonal farmers who produce their good for a particular season. These are traditional craftsmen and their art is all about our culture. These artisans usually are from rural areas which makes them vulnerable to a lot of problems. They don’t have a proper market where they can sell their work, they have to travel long distance and the cherry on the cake is the time of covid-19. Because of the lockdown and reduced purchasing power these craftsmen the one who suffered the most.

Due of the growing online business these small craftsmen are losing their identity and our culture that they try to preserve. It is our moral responsibility to save the culture, the traditional art form and these craftsmen. They look up to us to help them to protect their occupation and recognize their art. It is us, who has the power to make someone smile and let them enjoy the festival like others. Even if a single person buys something from them, it will surely make a difference.

This year we should light the lamp of happiness the lives of these talented yet suffering craftsmen by taking a small step. Rather than surfing online for pottery and other home decorating items we should buy the traditional items for decoration and Diwali from these craftsmen. Not only this we should recommend to your friends and family. Buy the traditional craft and art work of culture and locality as gifts for you loved ones in lieu of high end sweets and other products. This will not only make your presents special but will also make these craftsmen celebrate this festival with joy. This small generous action of yours will fill you with utmost pleasure and you would love the way you feel about yourself. Empathy towards others is way to feel positive and make others feel positive too.  

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